Wrap Dress Sewing Tutorial

Today I have a wrap dress tutorial and I’m just going to start off by outlining a triangular shape for the body. You can also use a tank top if you need to. So here I’m just cutting it on both sides and now I’m doing the back part. You just want to trace it. I’ll line it. I only did half so it was easier to get it even when I cut it on the fold.

I’m just gonna pin the shoulder seams and the side seams and make sure you get both layers, so nothing’s like hanging out. And then, I’ll just sew them all up.

And here I’m just using a skirt and I added about two inches. You want it to mostly match up with the waist of the top. Maybe a little bit bigger, Fold it in half and cut two pieces out. And now here I’m cutting a third layer because you want an extra layer for the top as kind of like a style thing, and then I’m just pinning it, sewing it.

And now I’m just marking out where I wanted the… sort of flat part, which I would have done in the beginning, but for some reason I didn’t. So I just had to like fix some things and then I’m having that.

And now I’m just doing the sleeve. What I did was make the bottom flared out from the inner seam, like adding inches there. And then just tracing the armhole adding half an inch all the way around. And now I’m just pinning the bodice to the skirt right sides together and then hem that.

So now I’m pinning the sleeves right sides together to the armholes. I always try but I feel like it’s hard to see. I don’t know it’s and it’s kind of hard to do what I like my kind of like trick is to turn it outside when
it spins so you can see if you did it right. In the beginning I would make mistakes all the time and before I just like added sort of triangle seam thing to bring it in in the back. And now I’m just pinning, ironing the
bottom in the sleeves.

And then here I’m cutting a 4 inch by 20 inch strips or two of them because I just measured 54 inches for how long I wanted the tie around my waist but obviously some people’s waist might be bigger or  smaller. So it’s just kind of however long you want it because if you want to make it a bow you would make it longer. yeah so here’s the finished look. I hope you guys enjoyed.